rancho santa fe

This unscrupulous scoundrel got caught..I wonder how many like him have not???

Old school combo lock boxes are nothing but trouble, just as new supra’s kind of suck too…make sure that your Realtor lists your home on the new totally transparent auction hybrid platform at EQHomeMarket.com….this way there will be no open showings, absolutely no lock boxes, no uninvited guests…just one or two Open Houses…and you’ll definitely sell quickly and for top of market….site will be live soon…so stay tuned…


Also if you are interested in viewing this beautiful hill top mansion, which is located in Cielo community nestled high up in Rancho Santa Fe, then please contact me direct, as this home is a true gem, with over 7 bedrooms, too many bathrooms to count, a sauna, endless pool….way to many awesome features to list them all…call me 888.800.8513 or send me a quick email to jason@ggluxre.com.


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